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Published: 04th February 2011
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How to get direct referrals for PTC sites? In this article I will point out some free methods of getting referrals to PTC your sites.

Method 1: Traffic exchange programs

Traffic exchange programs are websites where you surf other members sites and gaining points which you can spend to advertise your links (websites). They will bring you a few new referrals.

Method 2: Advertise at making money forums

Another good place to advertise is at making money forums. Most of members at these forums are looking for new ways of making money opportunities. So offering them shiny banner with your referral link is usually good way of promoting. The amount of referrals you can gain depends on amount of active members at the forum.

Method 3: Referral exchange offers

A good way of getting active referrals for free is through referral exchange offers. These offers create an agreement between two PTC clickers who agree to click ads at partner's PTC site and for that partner clicker will be clicking at your PTC site. This is good method of gaining active referrals fast.

Method 4: Publishing your referral link

Another free way of getting referrals for your PTC is publishing your referral link at making money and PTC forums. Before you decide to publish your referral link, make sure this is allowed and you are publishing in correct section at the forum.

Method 5: Ask your friends to join PTC sites

The best way to find good referrals is asking your friends to join PTC sites. Introduce them PTC World, tell them it is simple and free way of making money online. If they are interested in PTC sites give them your referral links to register.

Method 6: Promote your referral links at social networks

Promote your referral links at social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This is very fast and easy method.

Method 7: Create your website about PTC sites

Create your website about PTC sites, you can promote your banners for free. But this way of promoting is very but it works very well. But before you decided to promote any PTC site, make sure this PTC site is worthy of advertising. Investigate PTC background, their TOS, look for payment proofs and for complains.

Good luck! For more information about making money from PTC sites, welcome to my blog:

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